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MessagePosté le: Ven 22 Nov - 08:12 (2013)    Sujet du message: Ultra Street Fighter IV Japanese Location Test Coverage Hub Répondre en citant

 many of you are probably aware, Capcom will be holding the very first public location tests for Ultra Street Fighter IV at various establishments in Japan this weekend. Obviously, there will be a ton of information coming in from a variety of sources, and as such, we will be using this particular article to aggregate the gameplay details that will become available.
The festivities began just minutes ago in Japan, so be sure to check this article periodically over the next few days for updates. For now, be sure to give Kim1234 and YUBIKEN follows on Twitter, as they will be testing out a variety of requests and providing general information.
System Changes
(via reiketsuhidou)
  • Red Focus Attack only absorbs 2 hits, the 3rd hit causes a counter-hit.
  • EX Red Focus Attack cancel costs 4 bars
  • EX Red Focus Attack Level 1 does not crumple the opponent (via _BNBBN_)
Character Info
(These details are listed in alphabetical order by character name.)
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Close standing HP hitbox expanded downward
  • Wheel Kick recovery reduced
  • EX Falling Sky upper body invincibility increased from 2 to 3
  • Jaguar Kick damage reduced (via atwiki)

(via Aristobule)
  • L/M Jaguar Kick damage 140 -> 130
  • H Jaguar Kick damage 130 -> 120
  • Far HK seems to be only one hit now.
  • All air Jaguar Kick damage reduce by half
  • Jaguar Crunch (F+MP) now +3 on hit against standing opponents
  • Crouching HK can not be cancelled into Shun Goku Satsu (via _BNBBN_)

(via kanaya0530)
  • Back jump Zanku Hadoken has 2 more frames of recovery
  • HP Goshoryuken can only be Focus cancelled on the first hit, invincibility reduced from 6F to 5F
(via Aries0079)
  • Dash Straight now -1 on hit, -1 on block
  • LP Dash Swing Blow now ±0 on hit, -2 on block
  • MP Dash Swing Blow now +2 on hit, -3 on block
  • EX Dash Ground Smash now -1 on block
  • UC1 (Violent Buffalo) – Last hit can be either Punch or Kick
  • Buffalo Headbutt recovery is mostly the same
  • Close standing MK from start-up to 4F is airborne (via _BNBBN_)
(via Kim1234)
  • Combo damage and stun reduced.
  • Crouching LK start-up now 4F

(via _BNBBN_)
  • Crouching HP reduce from +7 to +5 on hit
  • Crouching LK no longer can be chained
  • Cannon Strike height restriction reduced, landing recovery increased from 5F to 9F
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Jump reduced from 41F to 36F
  • EX Kikoken now knocks down
  • UC2 (Kikoshou) damage increased by 50
  • EX Hazanshu now breaks armor

(via 4eajt)
  • Vitality increased to 950
  • DF+LK hitbox expanded, start-up 10F
  • EX Spinning Bird Kick hitbox expanded
  • UC2 (Kikoshou) invincible until 9F, until start-up
  • Crack Kick (F+HK) is airborne from first frame (via _BNBBN_)
C. Viper
  • UC1 (Burst Time) Smoke effects reduced (via _BNBBN_)
  • Increased damage on Super (via Kim1234)
(via Zhi [12])
  • Now builds meter with every taunt
  • Full hits on Koryuken (623+P) FADC to Ultra 2
  • Dankukyaku (214+K) hitbox improved, now hits crouching opponents
Dee Jay
(via yoshy047)
  • Far standing MP start-up reduced from 7F to 6F
  • Far standing HP meaty hit floats the opponent on counter-hit
  • Crouching LK start-up reduced from 5F to 4F
  • Crouching MP hitbox size increased
  • Crouching MK damage increased from 70 to 80
  • Crouching HP hitbox size increased
  • Air Slasher chip increased from 12 to 15
  • LK Double Rolling Sobat now -3 on block (correction via haku623)
  • Sobat Festival forward movement increased
  • Standing MK does 2 hits, 200 stun (via _BNBBN_)

(via perico2321 [12])
  • Standing MP start-up reduced from 10F to 9F, -1 on hit and block
  • Standing HP damage increased from 75 to 80, +1 on hit
  • Standing MK Damage 40*30, stun 100*100
  • DB+LK damage increased from 30 to 40
  • DB+MK slightly less pushback on hit and block
  • DB+HK damage increased from 90 to 100
  • LK Yoga Blast has slightly reduced hurtbox
  • MK Yoga Blast start-up reduced from 15F to 14F
  • EX Yoga Blast damage increased from 90*50 to 90*60, hitbox slightly expanded forward
  • EX Yoga Flame damage increased from 50*70 to 70*70, hitbox slightly expanded forward
  • EX Yoga Blast now causes soft knockdown instead of hard
  • UC2 (Yoga Shangri-La) throw range slightly increased
(via Crue_)
  • Stand HP hitbox slightly expanded forward and downward
  • Stand HK has less pushback on counter-hit
  • Crouching LP hitbox slightly expanded forward
  • Crouching MK start-up now 7F
  • F+HK hitbox slightly expanded forward
  • All Target Combo damage increased by 10
  • Light Machine Gun Blow -1 on block
  • Normal Short Swing Blow throw invincible until the end of active frames
  • EX Short Swing Blow throw invincible until the first hit
E. Honda
  • EX Oicho now invincible (via _BNBBN_)

(via itsumobasho)
  • Close standing HP’s hitbox increased
  • Far standing HP’s damage changed to 90
  • Jump MP’s hurtbox reduced
  • Jump MK’s active frames increased
  • EX Headbutt on block leaves him closer to opponent by a lot. Vega’s crouch MP can now hit him with ease
  • Super has 8 frame startup
  • Ultra 2 comes out in 1 frame, character width 1.4, 720 motion
  • Far standing HK is now -6 on block (used to be -7)
  • Sumo splash active frames increased by 1 frame
Uryo’s early impressions (translation via Shouta):
Slide is strong. Her overheads are long and fast. Her jump is slow-moving. If you hit the EX DP, you knock them all the way to the top. Her EX overhead is ridiculously fast. Her FA is floating. She feels kind of like Sakura. Feels like a character strong at controlling the match. With a bit of research time, she could be really strong.

(via Zhi [1234])
  • Slide (3+HK) is powerful
  • Fast overhead
  • Strong footsie game
  • Jump is very floaty
  • Scratch Wheel (623+K) launches opponents very high
  • Healing increases the longer you hold buttons, may restore nearly 50% life
El Fuerte
(via Iorifuerte)
  • Far Standing LK start-up 3F, not cancellable
  • Tostada Press active frames increased by 1F
  • Fajita Buster damage increased to 180
  • Quesadilla Bomb connects from crouching MK
  • Close standing HK start-up now 10F
  • Crouching MK EX Red Focus does not conncect
  • LK and HK Guacamole Leg Throw invincibility increased
  • non-EX Quesadilla Bomb start-up now 14F, recovery reduced by 4F
  • EX Quesadilla Bomb now throw invincible
  • Gordita Sobat recovery reduced by 1F
Evil Ryu
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Vitality increased to 950
  • Crouching HK start-up is now 6F
  • Senbukyaku (F+MK) hitbox expanded downward
  • Target Combo can now be done from far standing MP
  • HK Ryusokyaku start-up reduced from 26F to 25F

(via wnder1261)
  • Crouching MK guard recovery increased by 1F
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku has farther movement distance
Fei Long
  • LP Rekkaken has slightly reduced range (via atwiki)

(via Aries0079)
  • Crouching LK is now 4F start-up
  • Crouching MP damage increased
  • Tenshin has reduced recovery
(via Zhi)
  • Less pushback and recovery on Hyakurenko (hands)
  • Opponent can quick rise after HK Gekiro (623+K)
  • EX Gekiro causes hard knockdown
  • Jyasen ([4]6+P) better on block
(via LiNGo164)
  • Far standing LK is now cancellable
  • Crouching MP now +3 on hit (from +1)
  • Kongoshin will no longer activate with DF, F, DF motion
  • Hyakki Gosai (Demon Flip throw) stun reduced from 200 to 160
  • LP Senkugoshoha has slightly expanded hitbox
  • EX Tatsumaki Gorasen has expanded hitbox (hits crouchers)
  • UC1 auto-corrects, start-up 5F (via _BNBBN_)

(via rari4649)
  • Hurtbox on wake-up reduced
  • Crouching LP +5 on hit
  • Crouching MK hitbox and hurtbox expanded
  • Reverse Spin Kick hitbox expanded downard
  • Air throw range slightly increased
  • Flash Kick has 1F more invincibility
  • UC1 start-up now 5F, invincible 15F, 450 damage, auto-corrects
  • UC2 (Sonic Hurricane) damage increased to 350
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Walk speed increased
  • Crouching MP has weaker hitbox, can’t be used as an anti-air
  • EX Bushin Senpukayku has a larger hitbox, easier to suck in opponent, start-up increased from 4F to 6F
Uryo’s early impressions (translation by Shouta):
He’s so big, it’s just impossible. The only combo I knew was into EX lariat. You can land cr.lp a lot. is an overhead. His normals are so heavy and slow that he doesn’t have many you can use (I think). He’s just too big.

(via Zhi)
  • Feels clunky, little mobility
  • LK can cancel into Monster Lariat (236+K)
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Angle of LP Kunai now more vertical
  • All Neckbreakers except EX are soft knockdown
  • MK Tsumuji recovery increased by 1 frame

(via pgr_pgr_)
  • F+MK hitbox expanded downward, +2 on block
  • Second hit of TC4 hitbox expanded downward
  • Tsujigoe total frames reduced by 6
  • Tsumuji hitbox expanded downard
  • EX Kazegiri invincibility increased from 6F to 7F
(via atwiki)
  • F+MK is airborne from first frame
  • Jump HP no longer downs, but from Focus Attack Level 2 → Backdash, Forward Jump MP → Jump HP connects

(via juri25_year_old)
  • Far standing LK now 4F
  • Crouching MK is now 5F
  • F+MK is airborne from first frame
  • Far Standing HK is airborne on 3F
  • Standing LP hitbox expanded
  • EX Senpusha invincible until 7F
  • UC2 hitbox expanded forward
(via minekids0108)
  • Movement speed increased
  • Close standing MK hitbox expanded downward
  • Crouching HK start-up now 7F
  • Hadoken damage increased by 10
  • F+HK is ieven on block
  • UC1 (Shinryuken) – Non-cinematic damage increased by 30
  • UC2 (Guren Senpukyaku) – Hitbox of first hit expanded forward
  • Fukiage hits grounded opponents, jump cancellable on hit or block (via _BNBBN_)
M. Bison
  • LK Double Knee Press now -1 on block (via Aries0079)
  • First hit of Goshoryuken can be Focus cancelled on hit or block (via _BNBBN_)
Uryo’s early impressions (translation by Shouta):
I tried Poison out. Her jump is floaty. Her Rekka won’t connect from the tip of her Her into weak rekka will connect. FADC connects into full Ultra 1. EX Rekka can be followed up by Weak DP. and can be special canceled. You can land from her flip kick on counter hit. Maybe you can connect it on a normal hit?

(via Zhi [123])
  • cr.MK has good distance and is cancelable
  • Ultra 2 is a counter.
  • Love Me Tender (214+K) can link into LK
  • Jumps feel floaty
  • Retains Kissed by a Goddess (623+K), juggles after EX Rekkas
  • Retains varying Aeolus Edge (236+P) speeds
  • Can FADC from Kissed by a Goddess to Ultra 1
  • Rekka doesn’t connect after maximum length cancel from cr.MK
Uryo’s early impressions (translation by Shouta):
Citation: is really short, about the same as Rufus or so. Stinger feels lackluster on all fronts. First rep of Patriot circle seems to be about -2 or -3. cr.lp (I think) seems strong as always. Seems like there’s a lot more to dig into.

(via Zhi)
  • cr.M distance similar to Rufus’
  • First hit of Rekka on block feels -2/-3
  • Jabs still powerful
(via Aristobule)
  • Forward dash now 20F, down from 21F
  • Crouch LP damage 20 -> 30
  • Crouch LK damage 30 -> 40
  • Crouch MP damage 60 -> 70
  • L/M/H Soul Spiral damage 100 -> 110
  • EX Soul Spiral damage 120 -> 130, invincibility 11F -> 13F
  • M Soul Spark start-up 22F -> 20F
  • H Soul Spark start-up 29F -> 27F
  • Illusion Spark start-up 12f -> 10f
  • Soul Satellite input changed to 214×2+KKK
  • L Soul Spiral distance increased (via Zhi)
(via pilothis)
  • Forward throw damage reduced to 135
  • UC1 damage reduced to 420
  • UC2 damage reduced to 360
  • Falcon Kick has 1F more recovery from neutral and forward jump
  • Messiah Kick recovery for M follow-up 22F, H follow-up 19F
  • EX Messiah Kick no longer crosses over the opponent
(via cmp_mlk)
  • Crouching MK → Hadoken is easier to connect
  • UC2 (Metsu Shoryuken) has 1F more invincibility
(via _BNBBN_)
  • UC1 now does full air juggle in the corner
  • Second hit of far standing LK is now special cancellable
  • LK Shunpukyaku now -1 on block (via Aries0079)

(via _BNBBN_)
  • Jump HP has a larger hurtbox
  • EX Shunpukyaku +2 on block
(via Aries0079)
  • Triangle Jump distance has been reduced
  • Jump MK can crossup
  • Jump HK no longer crosses up
  • Jump back HP, arms extend like Dhalsim
  • Divekick hurtbox increased
  • First hit of Shoryuken cannot be focus canceled
  • Shoryuken invincibility changed from 7F to 5F
  • UC1′s hitbox has been expanded vertically
  • UC2′s recovery (?) changed from 89F to 70F
T. Hawk
(via _BNBBN_)
  • Walk speed increased
  • Close standing MP has less knockback
  • Crouching MK is now special cancellable, super cancellable, Focus cancellable
(via atwiki)
  • Walk speed increased
  • Jump MK now the same as it was in AE (crosses up)
  • Invincibility removed from HK Nishou Kyaku. (via Iorifuerte)

(via atwiki)
  • Zenpou Tenshin has reduced throw range
  • Crouching MP and Standing MP damage increased by 10
(via minekids0108)
  • LP Banishin Flat is -2 on hit
  • EX Banishing Flat now knocks down, start-up is 16F
  • LP Spinning Pile Drive throw range reduced from 1.75 to 1.6
  • Far Standing MP has bigger hurtbox (via _BNBBN_


PhotosTaito Station Sendai Clisroad Setup

Sources: reiketsuhidou_BNBBN_atwiki

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